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 The Haunted Stanley Hotel

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PostSubject: The Haunted Stanley Hotel   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:05 pm

Did you see Stephen King’s The Shining? The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado (About 45 minutes away from Boulder) was King’s inspiration for the movie. The hotel has been reported to be haunted be a few ghosts.

The Shining wasn’t shot at the hotel even though many people think it was. When King began work on the novel he actually locked himself up in room number 217.

When the Stanley Hotel opened it’s doors in 1909 it was the only hotel anywhere in the world to have electric power. The hotel was originally owned by Lord Dunraven and was later sold to Stanley Steamer inventor F. Stanley.

The ghost of Lord Dunraven has been reported to haunt the 4th floor. A lot of ghost activity has been reported near the bathroom door of room number 407. Hotel guests have also reported hearing child ghosts playing and laughing in the 4th floor hallway.
The ghost of Stanley seems to prefer the Billiard Room, which was one of his favorite places to hang out when he was living. The ghost of his wife, Flora, has also been reported to play the piano downstairs. The piano originally belonged to Flora and is over a century old.

The Stanley Hotel is so well known for it’s ghosts that it has become a tourist attraction, especially during the Halloween season.

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The Haunted Stanley Hotel
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